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Mountain safety

"WhiteRoom's AvNav course is excellent....Packed full of the good stuff to keep you safer in the mountains."

James Madellin, Nov 2017

I have a very personal passion for teaching riders about safety in the mountains. My background as an International Mountain Leader as well as a Snowboard Instructor plus life-long experience of travelling in the mountains gives me a big base of knowledge to draw on. I mix mountain safety education into my freeride days and backcountry camps and I can also run avalanche safety or navigation training days. I run pre-season 2-day Mountain Safety courses aimed at teaching the basics of both navigation and avalanche safety or can run these on-demand during the season.

French Avalanche Forecasts:

Europe-wide Avalanche Forecasts:

Avalanche Safety Training Video: Know Before You Go

Great intro video featuring Travis Rice and loads of other top snowboarders, skiers and snowmobilers

The European Avalanche Scale:

Avalanche Rescue & Safety Info:

Lots of resources on using transceivers, probing, reading terrain, etc.

Common Avalanche Snowpack Problems: download

Human Factors:

Real-life incident analysis:

Avalanche Guys channel:

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