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Splitboard Adventure

Splitboard Adventure

Lyngen Alps, Norway


23 March 2024


A week of splitboard touring in the incredible Lyngen Alps. Based in a farmhouse on the bank of the Lyngenfjord, tours start right from the beach and the combination of mountains and sea is truly breathtaking. Catch the northern lights in the evening. One of earth's special places.


Arrive in Tromso on Saturday 23rd. Meet group (time TBC) and drive together to accommodation near Lyngseidit. Five days of guided riding across the next six days (one rest day). Rest day options include whale watching, distillery visit, dogsledding and snowmobiling.


We'll be staying in a small farmhouse near Lyngseidit, right by the beach. It's warm and comfortable but pretty rustic too. Imagine the accommodation options on one of the remote Scottish islands and you'll have an idea! Very in keeping the adventure vibe!


Unlike most of my trips, meals are not included in the course cost. Going fully-catered in Norway needs a budget that would fund a few miles of high-speed railway. Our cosy lodge has full kitchen facilities and we'll be fending for ourselves. We'll run a kitty for food and drinks and use the kitchen chores to build some team spirit!


Lyngen is in the far north of Norway. Fly to Tromso airport and we will meet there, then travel by van to our accommodation near Lyngseidet (around 2hrs).

Riding level:

This course is for intermediate and up level riders with some backcountry experience. You should have at least 8-10 weeks riding experience and have at least some experience of enjoying turns in off-piste conditions. While splitboard experience is not required, it is very helpful. If you're not an experienced splitboarder, you should be a strong and fit rider as it's tough to be behind the curve on all fronts! Get in touch if you're interested in this trip and you haven't tried splitboarding before.

fitness level:

You should have a good level of cardio fitness from regularly taking part in sport, such as hillwalking, running or cycling. There are no lifts and we'll be climbing as much as 1000m each day. We will, at least, be starting from sea level which does make things a lot easier than climbing at 3000m in the Alps!

Equipment required:

Splitboard gear (split, skins, crampons, poles) plus avalanche safety gear. Avalanche safety gear is included in the course price if you don't have your own. Consider bringing some emergency warm gear in case of sudden changes in the weather. Wetsuit if you fancy braving the beach. Cards, chessboard, hip flask and copies of The Shining could also be useful.

additional costs (not included):

Flights, meals (self-catered)

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